Which oil can you choose for a fine hair care?

Did you know that it can make a huge difference to your hair with which oil you treat your hair? One oil is really not the other. By using the wrong oil you can even make your hair even drier than they already are! People with curls often have drier hairs and often use oil to solve this. But also for people with steep hair an oil can be a good addition to the hair care. So immerse yourself in all the different oils and do your hair a great favor by using one (occasionally) one.

Dry hair

Dry hairs are often very porous, but that is not necessary! If your hair is porous, your hair cuticles are wide open and moisture can easily enter, but it can also be easily removed. By first using a moisturizer and then a sealer, so that the moisture stays in your hair, your hair will be hydrated. But also less porous hair that feels greasy can actually be very dry. This is because the scales are closed so that moisture can get into the hair very hard. A moisturizing oil can then be a solution.

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Porous hair test

There is a test to see if your hair is porous, but is 100% reliable that does not test. For the test you have to put a just-washed hair in a glass with water and push it under water. If the hair sinks to the bottom of the glass within five minutes, it would indicate that you have porous hair. Due to the open scales, water penetrates the hair easily and the hair then drops to the bottom due to the weight of the water in the hair. Often your hair feels dry and looks fluffy. If your hair continues to float, your hair is very porous, your hair scales are very closed. Also not good because there is no moisture in your hair, so these hairs can be very dry on the inside. The hair stays somewhere halfway in the glass, then you have no problems with very porous hair or just too closed hair scales. There may be enough water in your hair for good hair health.

Hair oil

In the store you can find many different oils, not all of them are originally intended for the care of your hair. Most oils are even intended for baking or use as food. But you can also use these oils for your hair (and your skin). For your skin you also have various oils with different characteristics , such as drying oils and non-drying oils. Depending on your skin type and your preference, you can choose a good oil for your skin. Different characteristics are more important for your hair. So you can divide oils for your hair into two groups:
moisturizing oils, called moisturizers oils that seal your hair, called sealers.

Moisture-transferring oil

So moisturizing oils really bring moisture into your hair, it does not stick to it. They hydrate your hair with moisture. Ideal if you have dry-feeling hair. Whether that dryness comes because you have lots of curls (these hairs often feel dry and fluffy), by coloring your hair, by salt water etc., it does not matter, these oils give your hair more resilience because there is moisture in your hair. Moisturizing oil can be used as a mask or a very small amount of oil (few drops) in your hair tips. People with curls can often use a little more moisturizing oil because they often have very dry hair. After that you can possibly also use a seal oil or other sealant so that the moisture stays in your hair for a long time.

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