The Actions for Optimal Facial Care for Men

Below you can read the different actions that come back in every facial care regimen. You only apply this differently, depending on your skin type (see below for the routine per skin type).

Please note: always use cleansers, scrubers, etc. that are specially designed for your skin type. Which products are intended for which skin type is almost always mentioned on packaging.

The actions are:


1. Cleaning (cleanse)

optimal facial care for men

Cleansing of the skin is necessary because your skin at night drains waste through the pores. During the day, your skin is exposed to waste from outside such as fine dust, exhaust fumes, etc. MyBeardGuy

How to Clean

Before you start cleaning you need to open the pores. Open the pores by taking a warm shower or wetting your skin with warm water;
Then rub the appropriate facial cleanser in circles on your face. Do this carefully, because the skin on your face is very sensitive;
Then rinse the well with cool water. This gives you a fresh feeling and also closes the pores;
Dab the skin dry, do not rub;
After cleaning you should have a ‘clean’ feeling when it is good;
Note: if your skin feels tight or taut, then this is a sign of (too) dry skin. This will eventually lead to extra sebum production (the repair mechanism of the skin then starts).
Tips for cleaning / cleansing
Wash your face not with regular soap. The ingredients are simply not made for the tender facial skin.
If you have a greasy skin then cleaning once a day is more than sufficient. If you clean more often, the sebaceous glands will produce extra fat, which results in an extra oily skin.

2. Scrubbing (exfoliate)

Dead skin cells are removed by scrubbing. This gives healthy (er) skin cells the chance to live optimally. Dirt that penetrates deeper into the pores is also removed by scrubbing, so that the pores can breathe better again, which in the end results in less subcutaneous inflammations (pimples).

How to exfoliate

Just as with cleaning, scrubbing works best when the pores are open. Do this by warming your face with lukewarm water or a towel;
Then gently rub the scrub over your face or the area you want to shave;
Pay extra attention to your nose and forehead, given that the areas are where most dead skin cells and clogged pores are located;
When you’re done, rinse the scrub with cool water and pat dry your face (do not rub!);
You have to apply scrubbing moderately. Especially not more than three times a week and at most once a day (see below the best routine for your skin type).
Tips for scrubbing
Scrub before shaving. Hairs tend to grow and possibly cause inflammation. Scrubbing before shaving reduces this chance and ensures a finer shave.

3. Moisturize

Moisturizing the skin is applying a moisturizer so that your face is adequately protected against dehydration throughout the day. Moisturizing the skin will, in the long term, result in stronger skin, elasticity and even the elimination of aged skin (even if this is mainly genetically determined).

As you get older, you produce less collagen (connective tissue in the body), so that your skin cells can retain less moisture. That is why early hydration is one of the most important things for good facial care.

How to hydrate

Apply the moisturizer or day cream after washing or scrubbing and after your face is dry (by dabbing);
Include both your entire face (nose, T-zone, cheeks, jawline, forehead) and neck. Note: the skin under your eyes (the “circles”) is very delicate, so be careful with it;
You only need a moderate amount of cream, even if it absorbs quickly;
Check that you have used the same amount of cream everywhere;
Give the cream time to withdraw well.

Tips for hydration

If you have greasy skin. Men with greasy skins need to hydrate just deliberately so that the sebaceous glands do not try to catch up and kick in extra and thus produce even fatter skin.
If you notice that your skin becomes drier again at the end of the day, you can apply the cream again.

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