Lose weight with seaweed protein shakes

Protein shakes are a popular meal replacement for those trying to get rid of the excess pounds. What is less known are the seaweed protein shakes. A seaweed protein shake is, in addition to proteins, also rich in fiber, spirulina, chlorella and chromium. These ingredients can effectively help you lose weight. Every day you can replace up to two meals with a shake that you make with water, skim milk or low-fat yogurt.

Use of a dietary supplement or diet shake

Many people who are engaged in weight loss support their diet with a diet product. There are powders and capsules that speed up the metabolism, bind fat, block carbohydrates, stabilize blood sugar levels and reduce hunger. There are also various meal bars and meal shakes that contain the necessary daily vitamins and proteins so that you can take a whole day ahead. One of the products that can help you lose weight is a seaweed protein shake.

Many people know seaweed perhaps only as an ingredient for the salad (fresh) or the sushi (dried). However, seaweed is also used in protein-based supplements that can help you lose weight. A protein shake is a popular shake that is full of proteins. Often it is a protein shake based on whey (whey), a by-product in the production of cheese. However, it contains only half of the lactose (milk sugars) that are found in cow’s milk. In addition, there are many more vitamins and minerals in whey proteins. So when you replace one or more meals with a protein shake you get your daily protein, vitamins and minerals but not too much sugar and fat.

The benefits of a seaweed protein shake

Perhaps an ingredient like seaweed for a shake sounds strange to you. However, the use of seaweed offers several advantages. To begin with, seaweed contains a lot of fiber . If you are trying to lose weight, the intake of fiber is very important. Fibers have the property that they expand into the intestines when they absorb moisture. In this way they provide a more satiated feeling, helping you to resist the temptation of more food. In addition, it supports proper bowel function and bowel movements.

seaweed protein shake

Seaweed is also rich in calcium, iron, copper and iodine. Seaweed protein shakes are also added ingredients such as chlorella, spirulina and chromium to support your diet extra. Chlorellais a genus of green algae, which belongs to the trunk of the green algae. It contains a high content of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Although this has never been scientifically proven, there is a suspicion that chlorella has an immune support and immune enhancing effect, among other things because it increases the concentration of important antibodies in breast milk.

Spirulina is a blue-green saltwater algae that is popular as a dietary supplement. Spirulina is also an important source of proteins. Research by Ahmadu Bello University from 2013 has also shown that it can protect the liver and that it is important for diabetics in the protection of kidney function. In pregnant women it helps reduce the risk of anemia.

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