6 Tips for Exercising with Body Joy

Love your body – even when you exercise. Get 6 tips on how to get a more body-positive angle on your workouts and exercise with less duty and pain – and with much more care for your body.


Some days, exercise may feel more like a fight against the body than FOR it. Those days we would like to have fewer – so instead of focusing on parts that need to go away, we train for joy, profit and good health.


Although a slim body with six pack signals health to some, it does not mean that you should also view your health in the way that healthy life comes in many sizes and shapes, and a low BMI is not the answer to everything.


If you sleep well, you are happy, you grow sex, and if you enjoy life, do not forget that it is also a health sign. Even if you train and still have a little bit on the side legs, watch it as a win as you are healthy and strengthen your body through exercise and training – yet have little to resist if you need it.


There is a tendency for us to keep the body away if it does not match the ideals of the promotional pillars, and many women even feel uncomfortable moving around in the gym and running tracks. But hey, everyone actually fits in here – it doesn’t require any particular figure or fitness degree. The fact that you are here automatically gives you a justification.

If the fitness center’s atmosphere is not right for you, fortunately, there are many other options. Find, for example, a small yoga study or a gymnastics team, invest in your own fitness gear, and invite some girlfriends home to workout with you, or sign up for a team sport, where it is the community and collaboration that is in focus. When you train with others, you can share in the experience of how fat it actually is to use the body.


When you start training, you may want to give it the whole arm so you can barely walk the next day. But even though it may immediately seem like a good way to “feel for yourself”, try to hold back and do not work harder than you feel you could easily have given you 20 percent extra.

When you start quietly, you will gradually feel the body getting better inside and out. You learn to listen to the body’s signals and what it needs, and the risk of losing motivation is much less than if you give it the whole arm from the start.


Forget about seeing yourself in the mirror, saving for god’s sake the lifeguard far away (that figure doesn’t say much about your health), and instead notice all the benefits that the training provides – beyond the physical. If you have just started training or resumed the habit, you can really feel all that is happening to you.

The first reaction is probably that you feel you have more energy and excess, then you may feel that you are sleeping better, and then you may want to eat more healthy and nutritious – and who knows if Not even your sex drive gets a boost in the right direction. Notice all the good and enjoy the energy that comes with moving.


When standing on the treadmill or cross trainer, it is hard not to focus on what the calorie counter and clock say, just as you probably are busy counting repetitions if you are doing abdominal exercises or squats – and for some it may feel like a pun .

If you have died a bit in the training and find it difficult to find the joy, try to move your exercise outside. In nature, the activities become more of a play, because you get all the senses awakened, used the body in a natural way and forget about calorie burn. Take out the skates, go for a walk, play ball with the kids, or run a walk under the fading leaves.


We may look mostly at fitness athletes on Instagram, but if you first decided that your health is just as good as the media-created health, then there is no shame in sharing your training on social media.

Just as you might share a picture of delicious food you have bundled together, or your new pedicure, share your training pictures as well. In this way you signal that you love your body, and you may even be able to motivate others who may have a little difficulty with body joy when it comes to training.

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